Graphic Design service
Expert graphic design service, providing creative solutions

Expert Design Service

Paperboy JA offers an expert graphic design service, providing creative solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers. Our professional in-house design team uses the best graphic design software available to help give you what you need.  

Having been trained by the best, our graphic artists will work with you to create unique, eye-catching and memorable designs.

Hourly rate

Paperboy JA charges a middle-market half-hourly rate. This rate will vary according to the specific job, but will be agreed in writing before work on a job begins.

The basic half-hourly rate applies only to design and development work. All other costs will be referred to as contingency costs or expenses. (For rates, call 876.922-5483/38 during business hours, 9am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday).

A cost estimate/proposal for the project, based on the half-hourly rate, will be submitted within three business days after the initial consultation and/or project specifications are finalized.

    The contract

    Paperboy JA requires some clients to approve and sign a contract that will protect both Paperboy JA and the client, and provide a clearly stated agreement about the creation and delivery of the project. The contract will evolve from the statement of work and will be legally binding upon both the client and Paperboy JA.

    Where a contract is required, work will not begin until a signed contract has been received by Paperboy JA and a deposit provided. (See payment terms).You can also view our design templates and place orders on our Design Templates page.

    Proposal and cost estimates

    Once a project’s specifications are defined, a cost estimate, based on the agreed rate and the number of hours needed to complete the project, will be submitted to the client for evaluation, usually within three business days.

    A statement of work proposal will be drawn up outlining the project and will include development details, a project schedule and milestones (if needed), payment terms, deliverables dates, and the cost estimate. Paperboy JA will provide print quotes during this phase and coordinate the print run as the client requests. (See print job co-ordination).